Light: Sun,Part Sun
Zones:<" >

Miniature Rose

Miniature Rose
Light: Sun,Part Sun
Zones: 4-11
Plant Type: Rose
Plant Height: 1-2 feet tall, depending on variety
Plant Width: To 2 feet wide
Landscape Uses: Containers,Beds & Borders
Special Features: Attractive Foliage,Fragrant,Cut Flowers,Easy to Grow

Gardeners limited in space can enjoy all the fun of rose growing by cultivating miniature roses in containers. They also adapt well to flowerbed edging, front-of-the-border socializing with perennials and annuals, and low hedges.<br>

Miniature roses first came into being in the early 1930s as an accidental result of rose hybridizing. Since then, master miniaturists have created many jewel-like varieties featuring perfectly shaped tiny blooms on clean, healthy plants that generally stay under 2 feet. <br>

Miniature roses respond to all the care basics as regular-size roses: deep irrigation, sunshine. and regular fertilizing, but they do need extra winter protection in colder climates. To ensure they don't die back to the roots, in Zone 5 and below, bury the rose plant in a mound of soil.

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