Grandiflora Rose

Grandiflora Rose

Grandifloras can complement any landscape by offering that classic rose bush beauty often associated with well-kept older gardens. The grandiflora flower has kept the characteristics of the hybrid tea while the bush keeps the characteristics of the floribunda.

Most grow three to five feet tall although some may grow a little bit taller which makes the grandiflora perfect for use in a hedge or as a garden back-drop. While grandifloras are hardier than hybrid teas due to the crossing with the floribunda rose bush, they still need care similar to the care given to a hybrid tea but perhaps with less precision needed. The care and pruning of your grandiflora rose bush will depend upon the main purpose for which you want to add it to your garden. Will the grandiflora be used for cuttings? Will it be used as a hedge? Will it be used to hide unseemly background objects like electric meters? Think about how you wish to incorporate the grandiflora into your landscape and the care and pruning needed for it will follow.

For example, if you like the beauty of hybrid tea-like rose flowers but don't wish to fuss over them, then try planting your grandiflora roses as a hedge. When grandifloras are used as a hedge, their purpose is both aesthetic and utilitarian. You can enjoy their beauty from the privacy they'll offer your garden and they will enhance your garden's facade when viewed from the street. When it comes time to dead head your grandiflora roses, you just need to follow the basic guidelines of cutting it above the first five-leaflet leaf. If you want to encourage tall growth, don't cut your stems too short. Technically you can cut them down to two five-leaflet leaves left on a new shoot, but if you wish to have them grow vigorously, then it's best not to take too much off until the grandiflora rose bush is mature.

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