An anemone is a brand of about 120 breed of beginning plants in the buttercup ancestors Ranunculaceae in the arctic and south abstemious zones. They are carefully accompanying to Pasque flowers (Pulsatilla) and Hepaticas (Hepatica); some botanists accommodate both of these genera aural Anemone.

Anemone is abiding herbs, plants that abound from rhizomes, caudices, or tubers. Leaves abound from the abject and can be simple, compound, or absorbed with a blade stalk. Terminal inflorescences with two-to-nine-flowered cymes or umbels, or aloof flowers that depending on the breed can be up to 60 centimetres tall. The flowers are bisexual and radially symmetric. The sepals are not assiduous in fruit, and can be white, purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, or red. Fruits are achenes.

Cultivation : Many of the breed are favourite garden plants; amid the best accepted is Anemone coronaria, generally alleged the poppy anemone, a tuberous-rooted plant, with parsleylike disconnected leaves, and ample chichi poppy-like blossoms on stalks of from 15 - 20 cm high; the flowers are of assorted colours, but the arch are scarlet, crimson, blue, purple, and white. There are additionally double-flowered varieties, in which the stamens in the centre are replaced by a bunch of attenuated petals. It is an old garden favourite, and of the bifold forms there are called varieties.

They abound best in a abundant soil, accomplished with well-rotted manure, which should be dug in beneath the tubers. These may be buried in October, and for assumption in January, the autumn-planted ones actuality adequate by a accoutrement of leaves or abbreviate abiding litter. They will annual in May and June, and back the leaves accept developed should be taken up into a dry allowance till burying time. They are calmly aloft from the seed, and a bed of the distinct varieties is a admired accession to a flower-garden, as it affords, in a balmy situation, an affluence of handsome and generally ablaze bounce flowers, about as aboriginal as the snowdrop or crocus. Anemone thrives in fractional shade, or in abounding sun provided they are cloistral from the hottest sun in southern areas. A well-drained hardly acerbic soil, accomplished with compost, is ideal.

The brand contains abounding added spring-flowering plants, of which A. hortensis and A. fulgens accept beneath disconnected leaves and baroque rosy-purple or scarlet flowers; they crave agnate treatment. Anemone hupehensis, and its white cultivar \'Honorine Joubert\', the closing especially, are amidst the finest of autumn-flowering able perennials; they abound able-bodied in ablaze soil, and ability 60 - 100 cm in height, blooming always for several weeks. A accumulation of dwarf species, represented by the built-in British A. nemorosa and A. apennina, are amidst the best admirable of bounce flowers for burying in dupe and adumbral places.

Anemone breed are sometimes targeted by cutworms, the larvae of noctuid moths such as Angle Shades and Heart and Dart.

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