Pitcher plant

Pitcher plant

 Pitcher plants (or pitfall traps) are carnivorous plants whose prey-trapping mechanism features a deep cavity filled with liquid known as a pitfall trap.

Foraging, flying or crawling insects such as flies are attracted to the cavity formed by the cupped leaf, often by visual lures such as anthocyanin pigments, and nectar bribes.

The sides of the pitcher are slippery and may be grooved in such a way so as to ensure that the insects cannot climb out.

Through a mechanism of digestion, the prey is converted into a solution of amino acids, peptides, phosphates, ammonium and urea, from which the plant obtains its mineral nutrition (particularly nitrogen and phosphorus).

Carnivorous plants occur in locations where the soil is too poor in minerals and/or too acidic for most plants to be able to grow.

Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants able to use their tube-shaped leaves to trap and digest insects. The insects are drawn in by a sweet nectar and visual lures. The inside of the tube is often too slippery for the insect to climb out. When the insects fall into the pool of water on the inside, the insects are digested by enzymes or bacteria. The reason these plants formed this method of seeking nutrition is because their native soils lack minerals or are very acidic, and this method enables the plants to compensate by getting nutrients from insects.

Light: Sun,Part Sun
Zones: 2-10
Plant Type: Perennial,Water/Bog Plant
Plant Height: 4-42 inches tall, depending on variety
Plant Width: 3 feet wide
Flower Color: Pink, purple red, chartreuse green flowers, depending on variety
Bloom Time: Blooms in spring
Landscape Uses: Containers,Beds & Borders
Special Features: Flowers,Attractive Foliage,Cut Flowers,Dried Flowers,Tolerates Wet Soil,Deer Resistant

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