The Schefflera is characterized by foliage arranged in groups of 3 to 7 at the end of the stems, similar to spokes on a wheel or umbrellas. Schefflera's make great houseplants due to their low need for maintenance.

Schefflera's require bright indirect light. If plant is not receiving enough light or is too far away from the light source, the Schefflera will become spindly by stretching towards the light source. Do not place this houseplant in direct sunlight or you may burn the foliage. If foliage begins to drop and turn yellow, the plant is not receiving enough light.

Watering requirements for this houseplant are pretty much the same as many other common houseplants. Allow the soil to dry in between watering; however do not allow it to stay dry for long periods of time. On the opposite end, do not allow the plant to sit in water either, so be sure to allow proper drainage. If the foliage begins to drop and turn black in color, you are overwatering or do not have proper drainage in place. If the foliage tips begin to curl or wrinkle, you are probably under watering the plant.

Do not be afraid to prune your Schefflera back into shape if it gets out of control. This is one houseplant who will bounce back better than ever after a nice complete pruning.

The Schefflera does have one enemy that can be pretty common: Spider Mites. To prevent Spider Mites from taking over, once a week or more give the plant a nice misting of a soapy water mixture. If Spider Mites become present, try this soapy water misting twice a day. If this does not work, visit your local garden center for a safe alternative.

Schefflera's are toxic if eaten. Like so many other houseplants, it is included in the list of poisonous houseplants.

Common Name: Schefflera (Amate, Diana, Dwarf, Gold Capella, Umbrella Tree, Trinette)
Scientific Name: Schefflera Species
Lighting: Bright to Moderate
Water: Moderate to Low

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