The Hoya Plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. The wax plant or shooting star is a vine that loves to be ignored. They do very well in hanging baskets both indoors and out. The plant has gorgeous blooms that are called umbels. This is a bonus to the already beautiful plant. Each plant has its own personality. Hoya Plants have a wide variety of leaf shape and color. The older the plant the more magnificent the blooms. Hoyas like bright light, not direct sun. They are easy to grow and are often fragrant. Click here to view these beautiful plants.


Allow the compost to become nearly dry between waterings and keep them almost completely dry over the colder months. A dry Hoya can be watered, but a rotten one can’t be dried out!!

I mist most of my Hoyas and other tropical plants with water every few days– most plants enjoy the humidity and it allows me to apply foliar feed in a convenient manner too. I feed with a half strength of organic seaweed extract solution about 4 times in the growing season, and each time a plant is in bloom. When feeding your plants, always start with  aweak solution to judge how your plant reacts. Increase doses during the growing season as your confidence grows.


Hoya should not be exposed to temperatures below 10 degrees celcius for long. If you are over-wintering them in cool conditions, please make sure they are very dry. Remember that Hoya are Tropical Plants and whilst many are very tough, some have a more demanding nature. I maintain a minimum temperature of 15 degrees celcius for my plants and have good results. A cool winter rest period does benefit many plants, especially cacti and many succulents. Orchids also enjoy rests, allowing reserves to build up that will fuel the magnificent Blooms.

Plant care

With most Hoya, as with most house and conservatory plants,  don’t let them sit on a scorching windowsill. Many Hoya can be found in the relatively shady forest canopy, or growing on or around other tropical plants. Indirect light is best, with requirements varying from Hoya plant to Hoya plant. I have a nice Hoya carnosa growing behind a voile in a south facing window and it does very well. I keep a Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ in pretty much full sun and that does well too – Please ‘Contact Me‘ if you want to know more detailed information for specific Hoya varieties.

For example, Hoya obscura prefers shadier conditions, where Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ will cope with most conditions, producing red-tinged leaves in bright light.


Hoya tend to flower more profusely when pot-bound, so don’t be afraid to leave potting up for an extra year or two. Most Hoyas are well-suited to growing in hanging baskets, but many can easily be kept for years in traditional pots. There are Hoyas that look amazing entwined between other plants, and some, like Hoya kerrii,  form huge mats of leaves, speckled with the odd strongly scented flower. The type of pot will very much depend on the plant. I grow all my cuttings and starter plants in 3 inch pots. This usually means they don’t have to be repotted for at least 2 years, which reduces my workload! If they are trailers I grow them from shelves, and if they have a climbing habit I grow them up a trellis.

Potting Mix

After you buy your plant, you need to provide it with a good home. Probably the most important thing to do first is to choose the right compost. A good strong root system will give your plant the base it needs to grow strongly.  I use a half / half mix of potting compost and Perlite, along with a little sand to add a bit of structure. This mixture gives the roots the optimum airy, well-drained conditions they need. I recommend that you use a similar mix for your Hoya, although some Hoya do require a bit more specialist care.

Many Hoya are epiphytic and merely have nooks and crannies in a tree’s bark as a substrate. They use their roots to anchor themselves into the crevices in the bark, extracting nutrients from the decaying material and water run-off. This tells you that they need good drainage to prosper.

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