Alpine Aster

Alpine Aster

The Alpine Aster (Alpinus) is generally described as a perennial forb/herb. This is native to the U.S. (United States) has its most active growth period in the spring and summer . The Alpine Aster (Alpinus) has green foliage and inconspicuous white flowers, with a moderate amount of conspicuous brown fruits or seeds. The greatest bloom is usually observed in the early summer, with fruit and seed production starting in the summer and continuing until summer. Leaves are not retained year to year. The Alpine Aster (Alpinus) has a long life span relative to most other plant species and a slow growth rate.
The Alpine Aster (Alpinus) is easily found in nurseries, garden stores and other plant dealers and distributors. It can be propagated by container, seed. It has a slow ability to spread through seed production and the seedlings have low vigor. Note that cold stratification is not required for seed germination and the plant cannot survive exposure to temperatures below -28°F. has medium tolerance to drought and restricted water conditions.

Perennial Cultivation: Plant Alpine Asters in full sun or partial shade in peaty, well drained fertile soil. "Alpine Asters" may self seed if the conditions are right. Excellent choice for the rock garden and attracting Butterflies.

Propagation: Alpine Aster seed can be started in a cold frame. For a quicker showing, purchase pre-started plants at your local Garden Center. Alpine Asters may be divided in the spring.

Potential pests ~ diseases: Aphids, powdery mildew or slugs.

Fertilization Alpine aster
In the spring let’s fertilize perennials periodically, using a specific fertilizer for flowering plants, to add to the irrigating water, every 20-25 days; or we can spread a slow release fertilizer near the plants every 3-4 months.

Watering Alpine aster
Let’s avoid watering the The Alpine aster excessively, always leaving the soil dry for a few days between one watering and the other, therefore let’s irrigate the substratum deeply every 1-2 weeks with 2-3 glasses of water . These plants display a pretty long period of vegetational rest. During this time it isn't necessary to water the plants.

Exposure Alpine aster
Perennial plants mainly have a spring and summer development. During the coldest months of the year the aerial part can completely dry out, to come up the year after. Plant which need at least a few hours a day of solar light.These plants don't fear the cold weather and therefore can be grown in the garden during any time of year.
Generalities Alpine aster
The Alpine aster has a panel-like development, therefore it tends to widen very much. These plants are used in rock gardens. This plant in the summer assumes a purple colouring; it is small in size and can reach 15 cm high. It doesn't keep its leaves in the winter.
Treatments Alpine aster
As the day-time temperatures rise at the beginning of the spring, it is agreeable to practice a preventive treatment, with a wide-range insecticide, which should be applied when there aren’t flowerings in the garden. Before the buds become too large, it is advisable to also treat them with a wide-range fungicide, to prevent the development of fungal diseases which spread easily when there is an elevated environmental moisture.


 Growth Rate                          Slow
General Type                          Forb/herb
 Growth Period                       Spring, Summer
 Growth Duration                   Perennial
Lifespan                                 Long
Plant Nativity                         Native to U.S.
Commercial Availability       Routinely Available
Growth habit                               Clump forming
Max height:                                   8" - 12"
Spread:                                          18"
Flowers:                                        Yes, May - June
Flower type:                                 Daisy
Native to area:                              No
Available varieties:                      100+

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