Casa Blanca Lily

Casa Blanca Lily

Casablanca lilies with many other beautiful blooms belong to the lily family. Developed as a hybrid of the oriental lilies, they are well known for their magnificent blooms and irresistible fragrance. When maintained with favorable growth conditions called for the variety, a single Casablanca can reach to about 10 inch in diameter. With such a size, you hardly require 3 - 4 flowers to make a Casablanca lily bouquet or centerpiece for any special occasion.

Speaking about the appearance of Casablanca lilies, they resemble the shape of a trumpet. There are six white petals, each of which is lined with tiny dots at the centerline. At the center of the lily, bright red stamens spring out that create a color pattern. The Casablanca lily plant grows to about 4 feet feet in height. Here, we shall discuss about caring for these blooms, Casablanca lily meaning and growing instructions.

The flowers are distinguished by a pleasing, sweet smell. They face outwards and have prominent orange stamens.  Lilium 'Casa Blanca' seems to glow in the light. Its odor and beauty of the plant are worth finding a special place in the garden.

The oriental lily, Lilium 'Casa Blanca', is greatly used as a forced bulb. Beside of it is widely used in wedding flower arrangements. The Casablanca Lily enjoys its vase life for about 5-9 days.

Zones: 3-8
Bulb Size: 16-18 cms
Light: Sun to Part Shade
Height:   36 - 48"  
Bloom Time Mid Summer, Late Summer  

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